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Some questions you may have...

q. Will massage therapy benefit me? And how?

a. Generally yes. Massage therapy, when applied correctly, has the ability to calm your nervous system, reduce states of stress, improve circulation of blood and lymph, reduces blood pressure and reduce muscle aches and pains. 

q. What is Ashiatsu barefoot massage?

a. Ashiatsu is a type of massage therapy in which the practitioner balances themselves from parallel bars mounted above the table and massages the client with their feet. Strokes are compressive, broad, consistent and flowing, giving the sensation of being massaged by very large hands. Tissues are left feeling invigorated, yet deeply relaxed. 

q. What does ashiatsu barefoot massage feel like?

a. It actually feels like your receiving a medium-deep pressure massage with very large, broad hands  

q. Is ashiatsu barefoot massage considered the same as registered massage therapy (LMT)?

a. Yes! It is exactly the same scope of practice, the only difference is that feet are used instead of hands

q. Is Ashiatsu barefoot massage sanitary?

a. Absolutely! Just as hands are thoroughly washed before and after a 'traditional' hands on massage, the therapists feet are washed before/after treatment. The therapist takes further sanitary precautions by using a fresh clean pair of socks for ever person treated. So there is little to no cross contamination when going to and from the treatment room.

q. "I'm unsure if I will enjoy my Ashiatsu treatment.  What if I don't like it?"

a. Thats okay! We will check in with you throughout your treatment. If you aren't enjoying the Ashiatsu treatment, we can easily switch over to a 'traditional' hands on treatment instead.